Central Arizona Fire & Medical Authority



Administration office is open to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday. (928)771-7711.

Please refer to www.cazfire.org for all current information regarding fire board meetings, agendas, and minutes in 2016.

As Fire Chief of the Chino Valley and Central Yavapai Fire Districts, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our organization and web-sites. As of July 18, 2014 the two Fire Districts are run under a Joint Management Agreement. Under this management system the two agencies have access to more resources than they had operating as two distinctly separate organizations without spending any additional revenues. The overall goal is to increase sustainability, capacity and efficiency while maintaining the highest level of fiscal responsibility for our citizens. At the same time , we are able to provide better service internally to those that work to keep you safe.

Under a Joint Management Agreement the two agencies remain separate in budgets, governing boards, and each maintains their independent identity. What changes under our arrangement is that we share one Fire Chief, one Operations Chief, one Support Services Chief, one Administration Chief, one Human Resources Department, and one Finance Department. The organizations have a separate agreement for shared Fire Marshal services. While the agencies maintain their individual identities, it is important that the staff fairly represent each while in public. The joint logo worn by staff is pictured below.

It is our mission to provide life safety and education to our community through a staff of highly trained and motivated professionals. As an extension of our district, this web-site is intended to help us interact and provide needed information to our constituents. Take some time to review our fire safety messages, FAQ, and explore the Kids Corner with your children.
It is our honor to serve you.

Scott A. Freitag
Fire Chief
Chino Valley and Central Yavapai Fire Districts


Mission Statement


"An organization of dedicated, caring professionals providing life safety to
our community through prevention, protection, and education."

Out Of District Policy

The Chino Valley Fire District's response to emergencies immediately outside the District will be limited to those areas which are protected by contract or by an agency which has a current automatic/mutual aid or intergovernmental agreement with the Fire District. Chino Valley Fire units may respond to auto accidents within a 5-mile area beyond our geographical boundaries.

Property owners outside the boundaries of Chino Valley Fire District may apply for a fire protection contract. Contracts are renewable year to year. The fee for a fire protection contract is equal to the amount which would be paid if the applicant's property was located in and taxable by the District at the District's then current tax rate, plus an administrative fee of $50. Please call the Administration office at 928-772-7711- for complete details.


1133 West Road 3 North, PO Box 264, Chino Valley, AZ 86323 928-772-7711